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    Change in date for SPLG Market closure

    Valued Locavores:
    There has been a change in plans on the closing date of St. Pete Locally Grown’s online Market. Originally planned for end of March, we will close at the end of this week, effective March 11th.. There are not enough delivery fees to cover costs of delivery this week. That said…
    NOT TO WORRY! You will receive your orders this Friday as usual.

    SO this is a heads up: If you want anything from the Market, please order it this week. If you have already ordered. Go out and place a second order. There will be NO further sale of goods after Wednesday 8am. This applies to all customers, including volunteers and growers. No exceptions please.

    I appreciate all your support for SPLG and I’ll miss “the work” and all the fun we’ve had during this wonderful adventure called St. Pete Locally Grown. As promised, I will send out one more weblog posting with all the resources and contacts I’ve promised to publish.

    SPLG will close effective March 11th.
    My heartfelt thanks to ALL,