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    Don’t know how to cook your new veggies? Google recipes for Market veggies. Then share your cooking experiences, and find new ones, on our Market Community Food Blog!

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    Market NOW Open - Mar. 07, 2016

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    FIRST TIME CUSTOMERS You are invited to watch our Market Tutorial before you begin. If you do not receive an email confirmation immediately after you order, then you did not click the SUBMIT ORDER button and we did not receive an order from you. Call your Market Manager for help.

    Message from Your Market Manager

    Your Orders Needed This Week
    Including this week, there are just TWO Markets left before we close for good. PLEASE ORDER THIS WEEK to help support us until the end of the month. Last Market we barely raised enough delivery fees to pay for van rental. What to do after we close up? Be sure to “tune in” in two weeks for a list of recommended local resources for food and veggies.

    Update on beef PRE-ORDERS
    Unfortunately, when I arrived to pick up the beef in Land O’Lakes on Tuesday I was told that most of the beef was not available. It really isn’t their fault as recent family medical emergencies have eclipsed any new production. As a result, I had to take what they had on hand and go with that. As a result, several of you are not getting your PRE-ORDERS and will get a credit card refund from me via before the end of the week IF you paid for the beef by credit card when you purchased. Others will get a refund check with their next order (or I will mail it to you). My sincere regrets for the inconvenience this may have caused you.

    Helpful Info on Market Produce and Product

    • I’ve been doing research on Cuban oregano which grows in our backyard as it’s fragrance is SO pungent and enticing. I have found it to have medicinal uses as well as culinary. These facts were super interesting! According to Herbs: Cuban Oregano: Culinary, Medicinal Uses and Nutrition “Cuban oregano leaves also contains volatile oils which have two compounds of particular interest called thymol and carvacrol. Both natural compounds have antibacterial and antifungal properties, and were ingredients originally used in the mouthwash Listerine and also Gold Bond Powder.”
    • I am always looking for new ways to cook the eggplant from our garden. I’ve been wanting to combine kaffir lime leaves & coconut milk into a recipe as I’ve never used them before. I believe I’ve found just the right recipe in Eggplant in a kaffir-lime scented coconut-milk curry Cannot wait to try it!
    • I have yet to try eating katuk which is easily grown in Florida. There has been a little controversy on whether or not it truly it is safe to eat. With that said, this article on the Katuk Kontroversy didn’t make it sound too dangerous (to me) as long as you don’t exceed reality in your portions.
    • I’ve been satisfying my craving for both hummus and collard greens by creating rollups! You may not know that the combination of chick peas and tahini makes a complete protein. I am loving this combo and can make ahead so I can grab and go. Here is my favorite hummus recipe done in my food processor. Simple: Mix 1 can of organic chickpeas (drained), 1/4 to 1/2 cup of tahini paste, 3 to 4 tablespoons of smoked paprika, 1 garlic clove, 1/4 cup of lemon juice, 1/4 teaspoon of kosher salt, fresh ground pepper. If it’s too soupy then blend in another can of drained chickpease and nothing else. It’s perfect! I keep a bag of stripped collard leaves (or kale) right next to the hummus. I don’t refrigerate my hummus for the first few days as I like it room temp.

    Starfruit aka carambolas & papayas (ripe & green!) locally grown in St. Pete.

    FRESH picked greens still in abundance this week: arugula, bok choy, broccoli greens, collard greens, Lacinato kale, Swiss chard, turmeric.

    Earthworm castings, ground beef, butter, honey, pork chorizo sausage, and turmeric.

    I thought this recipe posted on KGI’s website for “Nasturtium Butter” qualified for an honorable mention just because it’s looks so amazing! Now I have to start growing nasturtiums…

    This recent article on Local Harvest questions the reality of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) to be implemented by 2018 and its impact on small farmers who gross more than $25K annually. “Safe Food or Regressive Regulations?” is worth a skim if you have an interest in supporting local Tampa Bay Area operations who want to invest in feeding us all. I am imagining that many local backyard urban farmers are going to become rock stars for the rest of us. We’ll be lining up to sing their praises!

    MARKET MEMBERSHIP FEE is $10 if paid this month
    If you have never ordered from us, you should know that the membership fee is $10 per month and doesn’t get charged until your SECOND order. Our Market Season is ending on March 31st when we close permanently.

    Upcoming Events


    • FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER… we will hold our monthly social on the THIRD Saturday of the month instead of the Fourth. In fact, our NEXT & FINAL SPLG Monthly Social” is scheduled for March 19th at Rosie’s home from 3 to 6pm. NO POTLUCK, just snacks if you wish. Please save the date! Evites with all details will go out soon for active customers, growers, and volunteers. Although these monthly socials will continue beyond March, they will no longer be sponsored by SPLG. In fact, our longest serving volunteer Rita Sewell will be taking over arranging them. Details on continuing to receive these invites after March will go out in a few weeks to those who have been attending regularly. I, for one, am grateful that they will continue!

    We thank you for your interest and support of our efforts to bring you the healthiest, the freshest and the most delicious locally-produced foods possible!