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    SPLG Market Announcement Follow-up - PLS READ

    Valued Customers:
    If you keep up with SPLG news then you won’t miss future news I will send out regarding:

    • how/where to find locally grown produce after our Market closes. Several of our Growers are working on this.
    • other co-ops to buy from
    • who to contact if you want to continue coming to monthly socials with like-minded people
    • direct contact info for trusted sources of local pastured beef, pork, etc.

    Some of you may have missed the email I sent out on Jan. 24th about our Market closing permanently on March 31st after 5 years of operation. If you need to catch up, all customer news is posted on our Weblog page in date order.

    In addition, I always send a veggie status update to customers who have purchased that week. The update sometimes contains current updates on the business as well. I am also informing new customers who sign up that their membership will end in several months.

    Please take the time to read all communications coming from SPLG for your benefit if you want to be informed. My emails are sent out by either or Are they going to your spam box?

    Best to all!
    Tina, YOUR Market Manager