JR's Greens

I’m Joe Ramon and I love to grow and eat my own organic fruits, herbs and vegetables and wish to provide this fresh food as a smart, healthy alternative for people in my Florida community who value their health and well being. In cultivating my backyard garden space I practice organic growing methods that mix the traditional and permacultural. I NEVER use any chemical fertilizers, soil amendments, fumigants, insecticides, fungicides, or herbicides on the soil or food/cover crops, and herbs that I grow. I have always grown some vegetables, and herbs in containers even when I lived in apartments with little patio spaces. Nowadays I live in a house with a private backyard that provides all day sunshine, space, and water.
I would say the main reason why I started my garden are the times we live in. I want a sure source of food for myself, family, and neighbors that is free of store bought GMO produce, agricultural chemicals, and any possible pathogens. I am also looking for another source of needed income doing something that I actually love doing! I use Horse manure, Chicken manure, City of Saint Petersburg Soil Builder compost made from totally composted wood chips delivered to my house by dump truck for a fee to my City utilities acct., naturally washed up local sea grasses I gather off of the shorelines. Also Bone Meal, Shrimp and Crab shell meal when available, Dolomitic Limestone Pellets, Rock Dusts like Azomite, Wood Ashes mixed with small amounts of crushed Hardwood Charcoal soaked in a Fish/Seaweed formula, and prolific use of soil Mychorizae.I will sometimes use Fish Emulsions, Maxi Crop Liquid Seaweed, Earthjuice w/bat & seabird guanos-(Grow & Bloom formulas) as water soluble fertilizers. For Insect problems I use safe Garden Oil Soaps, Neem oil spray, & Pyrethrum for controlling White Flies and Aphids, and BT (Bacillus Thurgensis) for caterpillar control. These are all derived from natural sources and are very safe to use,
but generally I do not mind some slight leaf damage as this is what gardening organically entails. I promise to provide fresh, tasty, and healthy products for you and your family. Please try my produce just once, I am confident of your becoming a regular customer.

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