Papaya Pete Tropical Treats

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Hello my name is Pete and I am a new grower on this site. If you wish to contact me you can at (papayapete12@yahoo.com) I have been growing papaya and a long list of other tropical fruit. I moved to St Petersburg back in 1981 while serving in the US Coast Guard. An older neighbor got me started in growing tropical fruit back in 1992. I use to grow angel trumpet trees, bromeliads, heliconias, devil trumpet trees, different kinds of vines from cuttings and seeds and I grow hibiscus from seeds that I created, so I can name the flowers after old friends. All my plants are grown chemical-free and my compost contains fish emulsion, lemon ammonia, epson salts, fish skins, egg shells/yoke, and shredded paper to keep my earth worms happy. I water the garden by a deep well automatic pumping system and I use micro irrigation sprinklers.

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