Lake Kersey Farms, Inc.

Eileen and Ronald Watson have been selling 100% grass fed Black Angus beef for several years, leveraging Ronald’s thirty years of farming in Bartow and Eileen’s lifelong farm life experiences as she was raised milking dairy cows.

These cattle are raised as 100% grass fed and grass finished which means that these cattle are never fed grain. In winter, or during a drought, their diet is supplemented as needed with locally grown hay. They are never given steroids or growth hormones. When cattle are treated for colds they receive a mild penicillin.

The Watson’s have chosen not to pursue organic certification for their beef production due to the expense and bureaucracy of the process.

Lake Kersey Farm beef is grown in Land O’Lakes and processed at South Marion Meats in Ocala, a USDA inspected facility. Every process at this facility includes sample testing for ecoli by a laboratory in Gainesville. The final product is cryo-packed, frozen ground beef with 88% beef & 12% fat content. The superb flavor of Black Angus beef is prominent and absolutely delicious!

Wondering how to cook grass-fed beef?

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