The Dancing Goat

Pam Lunn owns and operates The Dancing Goat Farm. She offers fresh farm eggs, goat milk, goat cheese, goat yogurt and goat milk soaps. Pam’s eggs are fully pastured, have NO antibiotics, NO hormones, NO soy, and the eggs are neither washed nor refrigerated in order to slow the aging process. Our chickens roam over 7 leased acres (and the remaining pastures of the 21 acre farm – since they weren’t good at reading our lease) foraging and digging in cow patties, goat berries, wetlands and receive organic veggie scraps from a local health food store. Our goats are extensions of our family and pampered!

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“While we drink and eat all our products in our household, and have for the past 14 years, our licensing from the State of Florida (FDACS #1280 Dancing Goat) requires that we sell for the intent of pet consumption only. Any attempt to engage in conversations regarding the consumption by humans could jeopardize our licensing. Per Florida Law, it is illegal to sell raw milk/products for the intent of human consumption. Our milk products / cheeses are all raw and our free range eggs are not graded or washed in a chemical solution. We provide you with products produced by our stock the way Mother Nature delivered them.” NOTE FROM MKT MGR: ALL of our egg providers are required to provide this labeling.

Click HOW TO MAINTAIN FRESHNESS OF RAW MILK for important advice.

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If you have specific questions about the farm, goats or eggs please email Pam Lunn directly via her email thedancinggoat83@gmail.com

Pam Lunn also represents & distributes for JTB Jersey Farms in the Tampa Bay Area. Located in Duette, JTB is a small family farm run by Tina, Bill and three young sons (and soon, a daughter born in December 2015). The cows are grass fed with a NON GMO alfalfa supplement at milking time. Five new cows were added in December and are now on the milk line. These additions from a non-gmo grass based herd in Virginia should supply more products for sale. They also added a large bulk cooling tank which should take their dairy to a whole new level with capabilities of cooling larger quantities of milk in a shorter period of time. While we list products on Monday, it does not guarantee everything will be available by sales notification on Wed. You will be promptly notified should that product not be available. All dairy products are SOLD FOR PET CONSUMPTION ONLY per Florida Law.

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