Rebecca's Bees


I am a very small beekeeper in Pinellas County. I use no chemicals in my hives, keep small cell bees which are more adapted to warm weather and with their smaller size are able to pollinate different flowers than larger, more commonly kept bees. Before I kept bees I did not know that many pests can assail bees and many beekeepers end up using chemical treatments in their hives. I have chosen not to do this. I use no treatments of any kind in my hives. Honeybees can travel 3 miles from the hive to forage for nectar and pollen so I place my hives in the safest locations I can but they travel where they decide. The honey my bees produce is local, as contaminate free as possible, raw, and unfiltered.

All of the foundation my bees use is pure beeswax; much of it is made entirely by these bees so it has very low contaminate possibilities. Beeswax easily picks up environmental pollutants so I feel this is important, especially for comb honey. I use this beeswax to make healthy lip balm, lotions, salves, and soap.

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