Market closed permanently on March 11, 2016.

Below is a list of the growers and producers currently selling through St. Pete Locally Grown. With few exceptions, all of them are located in or near St. Petersburg. All of the products you buy come directly from the grower or producer. We do not allow reselling and we accept nothing but fresh locally grown, chemical-free products. Like at a traditional farmers’ market, these growers describe their own products, set their own prices, and are selling directly to you.

If you apply for a Grower slot (click on the link at the bottom of the list of Growers), you will be asked to tell us about yourself. The information you enter will be used to create your personal Grower Page once you have been approved as a Grower. You are advised to look at other Growers’ pages to get some ideas on how to build your Grower page.

Please be sure you address each of the following in your narrative:
Food growers
• If you have any relevant certifications, interesting affiliations, etc. please include them.
• Tell us how you got started growing your own food.
• Why do you grow what you grow?
• Describe what organic methods you use in your garden.
• How do you nurture your soil? Do you compost, use manure?
• To qualify as a Grower on this Market, you cannot use synthetic chemicals to fertilize or control pests in your garden. You must state in your narrative that what you are selling is grown chemical-free.

Egg producers
If you are selling eggs, what do you feed your chickens? Describe their environment. Optional: Tell us their names! Why do you raise chickens? Be advised that Florida’s Dept. of Agriculture permits the sale of eggs only if they are sold as pet food. You must state this on your Grower page and provide stickers on your egg cartons that state “for pet consumption only”.

Prepared foodies
All prepared foods require a certified kitchen. If you sell prepared foods, describe your products in general and tell us your philosophy on the ingredients (organic, etc.) you use. If you have a food service certification, please tell us that too. We request that your ingredients be as natural as possible for the health of the finished product and, of course, our customers.

No growers in this market use synthetic fertilizers or pesticides!

Our Growers

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