Jane's Earthworm Castings

I grow earthworms in composted cow manure and sell it either by the cubic yard or by the bag. My castings are approved for use by certified organic growers.

The bags are 12+ gallons and weigh about 28 lbs for $14 plus tax
If anyone wants two cubic yards we can deliver it when we make deliveries to Pinellas. We can’t afford to make a special delivey just for 2 yds but we deliver to Pinellas fairly often. The problem for the 2 yards is that it is too heavy to move by hand; you really need a pallet jack or a fork lift. Bob, my partner, who does the deliveries can unload the mega sacks from the truck but he does deliveries with a semi truck and can’t get into narrow driveways etc.

Earthworm castings are approved for sale and use during the months of the fertilizer ban in Pinellas County
Earthworm castings are excellent for growing any plants and if you use enough castings you won’t need any other fertilizer.
Castings can be top dressed or put in planting holes or mixed with potting soil.
They will not burn plants you can use 100% castings for growing plants but generally a mixture of about 30% castings works best.
Castings are excellent for starting seeds.

I grow the worms in North Florida about 150 miles from St.Petersburg


I have used Jane Maxwell’s worm casting fertilizer on golf courses and found this product to be very effective at improving greens. I have been in the Golf course industry for 30 years. I have grown in golf courses in South Carolina and New Jersey.
Gene Rice
Gainesville, Florida

As an organic gardener in Florida since the 1960s, I have used many different types of manures but I never had the opportunity to try worm castings. Last Fall Jane Maxwell delivered my first ever load of worm castings. I had amazing results. I even successfully transplanted beets into the worm castings. I did not need to add any other form of nutrients to the mixture and boy did I have some great beets I highly recommend the use of worm casting in ones garden.
Jay Bushnell
15639 NW 46th Lane
Chiefland, FL 32626

I have used your worm castings fertilizer on the ornamental plants in my yard, and I have obtained excellent response by the plants. I find worm castings fertilizer to be the best of the various types available. Even the most stubborn nutritional problems can be reversed with its use. Your worm castings fertilizer is as good as any other on the market and costs me considerably less other commercial brands.
Mark J. Bassett, Ph.D. Horticulture
Gainesville, Fl

Earthworm castings fertilizer is very beneficial for the environment and as Conservation Agronomist for the Natural Resource Conservation Service I believe that earthworm casting fertilizer should become much more widely used as more growers become informed about the value.
Working as conservationist for the last 25 years and having national responsibilities in teaching the principles of sustainability throughout the country. The use of earthworm casting will greatly improve soil health and at the same time efficiently utilize a resource (manure) which is currently viewed as a waste product. Jane Maxwell’s project will provide a sustainable way of improving water quality and reducing our dependency on fossil fuels
Conservation Agronomist
USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service

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